Actors to Arms

All A2A members have undergone APC training ranging from Basic to Advanced.  If you are looking for fighters to take part in any form of media please feel free to contact the APC and we will happily put you in contact with any members that fit your criteria.

To view their websites simply click the names highlighted in blue.


Hannan Aitlkaboud

Stephen Johns

Lucy Johnson

Robert Beggs

Samual Jordan

Sarah Shannon

John Bonner

Jules Lagan

Anna Simmins

Brad Lawrence

Thomas Smart

Louise Coleman

Angela Smith

Kelly Long

Sofie Lyback

Nigel Maguire

Victoria Stewart

Charley Maguire

Melissa Syversen

Alexander Doddy

Alex Maude

Louis Turner

Claire Millican

Laura Webster

Connor Moakes

George Montague

Tim Montague

Lucy Wilkins

Steven Graham

Patricia Winker

Justin Hayward

Daniel O'Grady

Natalie Winter

Angela Holmes

Katie Overstall

Alice Seeley

Stephen Emery

Martin August

Joseph Begley

Lee Rae

Josh Hawkins

Mikael Mattesson

Olivia McDonagh

Megan Stoker

Marina Hampton

L Foley

Jason Banovichi-Dicken

Jonathan Padmore

Hannah Gregory

Gareth Hewson

Correana White

Caroline Flarty

Guy Torrance



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